January 2020
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Ajith Edasserry's Next Car

Ajith Edasserry, BLR

Requirements:It should be a wide car with lot of backseat space, budget 10L, Need safety (ABS/Airbags) No Hyundais, Suzukis, GMs. I drive 1000km per month, twice a year long trips (800-1000km), I am an enthu driver and used drivers cars (Old Zen, Ikon 1.6, Accord)all this while.

The following vehicles fit your general budget and features:

Vehicle Ex Showroom BLR ABS Airbags Rear Space Notes Test Drive Reccomended
Fiat Linea Emotion Diesel   x x  A bit underpowered for its size. Not providing a fun to drive factor though feature loaded. Not wide enough for your requirements.  
Honda City S MT (Petrol) INR 8,50,000 x A bit cramped but just ok for 3 in the back.   Gives you the safety features at the price but the width you want may not be there  
Mahindra Scorpio VLX BSIV INR 9,21,800 x   x  No Airbags for any Scorpio. But the rear seat slides back for the 8 seater.  Y
Tata Safari GX 4×2
INR 980,548 x   The VX with airbags comes to 10,69,111 Ex Showroom.BLR. Very good for long trips and very spacious as well.  Y
Toyota Corolla Altis 1.8 J INR 9,68,400  x  x  x  Good for the city and highway but not giving you the space for long trips with lots of luggage.   Y

Sushils Thoughts:

Do test drive the SUVs I mentioned I think they would best suit your requirement. Your prior cars seem to be all petrols but I think its time you tried out a diesel.  Since you will need the space – at the rear the SUVs fit your requirement more than the sedans.  I didnt put the XYLO since it didnt have the safety features you are looking for.  

Also I have not listed used vehicles since I assumed you are looking at new vehicles only. Your choice is much wider if you look at used cars . 

Please do post your test drive comments also.