November 2020
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sushil-j-cherianSushil J. Cherian started writing at because of his passion for cars and everything automotive.  Here is some of “his-story”. dscn0596Start: The story really starts with his birth – his Father purchased his first car – a used Standard Super 10 because of the expected birth of their first child. Sushil still is searching for that car or a similar car (If you come across a Super 10. Please get in touch with him through this blog though please do be aware – he cant afford a costly antique car.)Ever since he was a kid he seemed to be drawn to cars and the automotive scene.  The passion may have started years ago when he first saw races held as the Sholavaram racetrack near Chennai his hometown. The names of legends such as Karivardhan and Vicky Chandok still evoke a warm and fuzzy memory of those machines screaming by years ago.It also helped that his Father used to work at one of India’s largest tyre manufacturer and that same manufacturer was a major sponsor of such race and rally type events.  Sushils Father typically would bring back some magazine or brochure from his work which had pictures of the race cars sponsored by his employer. Schooling:Though schooling got more time and focus for Sushil during his early days he spent free time drawing chicken scratch sketches of cars (when bored in class) and also traded a lot of stuff in exchange for matchbox cars and car themed stickers. Sushil wholeheartedly bought some rumour spread in 1985 about Maruti giving out toy cars for every Maruti number plate recorded within a couple of weeks – and foolishly spent his time recording vehicle numbers. Finally when he realized nothing much was going to happen with it he quietly disposed of his notebooks full of useless vehicle number plates. Driving: He got his driving license in 1996 having gone through a short month long learning process at “Murthys Driving School” on an antique Fiat and easily passing a farce of a driving test. Armed with a license but without access to a car he had to wait till his father built up courage to give him the keys to his Premier President. Lots of cursing and muttering later it was mutually decided a double homicide could be avoided if they didn’t both sit in a car with Sushil driving and the father watching. Armed and dangerous with a driving license – for a couple of years all he did was wipe the car and start it once in a while when his parents were away. One sole day of taking the fiat for a spin when the parents were away is a happy memory through the fog of his past. He managed to get through college without a two-wheeler and survived travel to-and-from college using various buses, trains and a liberal dose of hitch-hiking on the backs of sand/gravel trucks.The first job scene also didnt pay much so he continued travel by bus to work. First Car: Luckily for him his father purchased a used Maruti 800 (1993 model)  in 1998 and allowed Sushil  to drive it – all by himself. Heaven on 4 wheels. Sushil spent most of his monthly paycheck filling petrol. An added music system (cassette tape & radio) turned the car into a special vehicle. In a Mini Cooper Detroit:In 1999 Sushil left for a job in the USA – in Detroit. Working on software projects at some of the major North American OEMs for some years didn’t help at all in reducing his interest in cars. He visited car shows (The annual Detroit – North American International Auto Show and the Woodward Dream Cruise ) more often than he has attended church in those years. His passion for cars really came together with his interest in Photography at the same time. 1999-2004 were the years for this.  He started off with a lowly Silver Honda Civic DX(bare-bones -cheapo version) and saved up like crazy to buy a Mustang GT. But reality reminded him a RWD car in Detroit wouldn’t be the best of plans and he gave up on that dream there. dscn2393 He spent a lot of time on researching a car to buy and finally selected a Ford Ikon 1.6 ZXI in 2002 for his parents. and helped in the decision. Little did he know this would be the car he would drive when he returned back to India in 2005.  He stumbled upon in 2004 and has been a member since. Today: Fast forward several years later Sushil now older, more sober and with more grey in his hair, with a wife and kid is still passionate about cars. His current cars are a Electric Blue Hyundai Getz GLS from 2005 and a solid Bright Red Maruti Suzuki Swift ZXI in 2007. After a self enforced ban on buying another car till at least 2010 – he managed to wait till 2012 to buy a Mahindra Thar Crde 4×4.

Though he says he is perfectly happy with his current list of vehicles he still spends alldscn2877_psd2-copy_web free time reading the automotive classifieds – just looking for the perfect steal on some car/jeep/suv out there waiting for him. He takes great joy in reading up about new launches and memorizes the latest car mags details the moment he gets hold of them. His open offer to all friends, neighbours and countrymen is that he will help them choose the most appropriate vehicle for their needs. Do get in touch with him while mulling over your vehicle selection through the contact forms on this blog or through the comments.

PS: The content on this blog is all thought up by Sushil and represent his own views and are in no way to be associated to his current employer. He spends his free time at home late at night and early in the morning working on this blogs content. His long and boring train trips to office are also used to write new blog posts.



Thanks: I have to mention my special thanks to my entire family for having put up with me and my craze for cars. I think my influence has indeed affected them to some extent – each and every one of them. Special mentions:

  • My dear wife who has been very sweet and understanding after knowing of my vehicular addiction and has the good grace to let me enjoy this passion – in spite of  having had to fight for my attention and time which I have spent on reading other automotive updates / magazines / car movies / spend with my cars.
  • My sister for editing/correcting my crappy grammar and writing in her free time. Thanks for all the unpaid – un-recognized work ! I don’t dare tell her thanks to her face :-).