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Automatic Cars in India costing less than 16Lakhs (Updated 2012, March)

Ford Fiesta Powershift

I finally updated the list of automatic cars currently available in India today after close to a year.

Now the list has  12 vehicles with the Dzire, Rapid and Fiesta petrols being added newly. Verna details are updated with the new Fluidic which comes both in petrol and diesel. Civic , Cruze and Corolla have been moved out as they do not come under 16L.

Here is the complete list of automatic vehicles costing under 16 lakhs (on road-Chennai):

  1. Reva Maini (CVT)(Electric)
  2. Maruti Suzuki A-Star VXI AT(4 speed)(Petrol)
  3. Hyundai I10 1.2 Kappa Sportz (4 speed)(Petrol)
  4. Maruti Suzuki Dzire  1.2 (AT) (4 speed)(Petrol)
  5. Hyundai I20 1.4 Gamma – Sportz AT (4 speed)(Petrol)
  6. Hyundai Verna Fluidic 1.6 –  Petrol and Diesel Automatic (4 speed)
  7. Maruti Suzuki SX4 ZXI AT( 4 speed)(Petrol)
  8. Honda City(4 speed with paddle shift)(Petrol)
  9. Ford Fiesta  Powershift ( 6 speed, Dual Clutch)(Petrol)
  10. Skoda Rapid AT (6 Speed)(Petrol)
  11. Volkswagen Vento Highline 1.6 (6 speed)(Petrol)
  12. Scorpio VLX AT(6 speed)  (Diesel)

Only the Verna comes with a petrol and a diesel automatic.  Most of the vehicles on the list are petrols and it seems very obvious that Indian Manufacturers expect the automatics to be primarily used for shorter distances where the diesel advantage of mileage is not required. The Ford fiesta alone stands out as a petrol with 6 speeds, dual clutch system and very decent ride and handling.

Also the automatic versions typically higher in price than their equivalent manual siblings. Add a diesel engine to the mix and the pricing may very well come from one segment higher. So usually the automatic comes only with a petrol.

The post I had shared in 2011 March about Automatic transmission vehicles is here with the original list and some myths about automatics. With the traffic one has to face in Indian cities – the automatic will become a definite must have for some reduced stress.

Some vehicles being talked about that may come out later this year with Automatic Transmissions are the Nissan Sunny and the Tata Aria. The Reva NXR that has been talked about for years will also have a CVT – whenever it gets launched.


Now that Maruti has the 4 speed auto on the DZire – when can we see it on the Swift ?

How about an automatic Figo and Ecosport ?

Automatic Jazz / Brio anyone ?

Automatic Fabia / Polo ?

Tata is conspicuous by its absence in this list – they need to get something done regarding this soon.

6 comments to Automatic Cars in India costing less than 16Lakhs (Updated 2012, March)

  • Nice to see the AT list grow longer 🙂

    With my longer commute of ~24km one way, the mileage is now just under 12kmpl with no AC. It should settle to ~11kmpl with the AC, now that summer has started.

    I sat in an A-Star AT recently and felt that it was better than the i10 in terms of maneuvering. I’ve heard that it has better fuel efficiency too. The interiors too have been improved with two-tone colors.

    In the wishlist, I’d be interested in an Auto Brio, Figo and a Fiat Punto; there is definitely a need for smaller automatics.

  • Sushil

    Good to know about the mileage Danesh. Do you switch off the car at signals ?
    The A-star however maneuouverable – is still smaller than the I10 – thats a negative point and one of the reasons it didnt sell as well -despite claimed better mileage.

    I missed Fiat from my wishlist – but with the way Fiat sales is going – wonder if they will be around to focus on automatics. They have trouble selling their bread and butter models. Maybe they could focus on a niche – who knows.

  • fas

    Nice list, Tata Motors is soon going to bring the AT version of the Aria.

  • Sushil

    Good point Fas – thanks !

  • I switch off only if the timer is >=60 sec; I read somewhere that automatics consume more fuel than manual cars when starting the engine. At other times, I put it in N (neutral) and engage the parking brake.

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