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Diesel Hatchbacks Comparison Chart Updated with Hyundai I20 CRDI

The diesel hatchback comparison chart is now updated to include the Hyundai I20 CRDI Diesel. The comparison is for the highest end trims for all models. Why ? Because only then can we compare features to features. the lower end trims are basically diesel engine and chassis.

The list now contains the following:

  • Ford Fusion Plus TDCi
  • Skoda Fabia 1.4 TDI Elegance
  • Getz Prime 1.5 CRDI GVS
  • Suzuki Swift VDI ABS
  • Suzuki Ritz VDI ABS
  • Grande Punto Emotion Pack Multijet
  • Hyundai I20 Asta (O) CRDI
  • Palio Stile 1.3 SDX
  • Indica Vista Aura Quadrajet
  • Indica Vista Aqua TDI
  • Tata Indica V2 DLS BS III

The specifications are now color coded to indicate the largest dimension/best value/cheapest cost(green) and lowest dimension/value /highest cost(red). Hope this sheet is easier to read now.

The costliest is still the Skoda Fabia and the cheapest still remains the Indica V2. 

The I20 is the second costliest in this comparison but also comes with a long list of features even longer than the Fabia.

Middle of the list with medium features and middle of road price is the Swift and the Ritz.

Here is the list : Diesel Hatchbacks Comparison Chart. Here was my original post on the diesel hatchbacks with more analysis on the data: Are you looking for a Diesel Hatchback ?

Thanks: A lot of feedback, errata identification and great suggestions from Jacob, Manoj and Vasu were used to update the older sheet  – Thank you for reading through in detail and giving valuable feedback and pointing out the many errors !

Some items still pending such as mileage data for the latest updated cars and the performance figures for acceleration and braking. This will be done in the next update.

The I20 & I: I tried checking with the Hyundai dealership I bought my Getz from but they still do not have a registered Diesel or Automatic available for TD. They have promised to get me a TD as soon as their vehicles get registered.

16 comments to Diesel Hatchbacks Comparison Chart Updated with Hyundai I20 CRDI

  • fas

    Sushil, there you go again, fantastic stuff once again. This is the most clear and concise comparo ever, keep up the good work.
    .-= fas´s last blog ..Mercedes ML320 CDI Test Drive Review =-.

  • I eagerly waited for Honda Jazz but now i have new i20 and Ritz as well as choice. I did comparision of i20, Jazz and Ritz for their technical specifications, features and price for my own use. Let me share this comparison at this place.

  • SWIFT or RITZ which one is better?.

  • Vijay Nair

    I feel Ritz is a complete no fuss car and any day a VFM compared to the overprized i20. I could also understand that the 75 BHP Multijet is in a different league compared to the 90 BHP CRDI engine of I20. Now that seems to tilt the cruicial points to Ritz. You may have all equipment levels but the car with its exorbitant prize and average engine wont stand a chance against Ritz and Punto.

  • Hi Sushil,
    I’m looing for a diesel hatchback within range of 5 lakhs. what do you suggest? i’m looking for Swift top model which is about 5,25000.i’m confused and coudn’t makeup my mind. pls help..

  • vijayan

    I have taken Maruti Ritz two month back the performance of the the vehicle is very nice. Space inside is very good and vehicle is very comfortable for the small family. I am getting milage of 14 to 15 and have done only first servicing. Nice and power full vehicle…

  • udhay

    Ritz comes with a new refreshed design which is completely new to India. the car is a great blend of technology and design.I drove Ritz thrice before finalizing it. Engine is super smooth. Pick up is good. Driving this car is a pleasure. I found this car very roomy and comfortable.


    I want to purchase a diesel car.
    My choice : Maruti Swift, Nissan Micra or i20.
    My average running per month is about 1400 – 1500 kms
    Waiting no bar, my age is 55 years.
    My preference : Fuel economy, comfort, high seats will preferably.
    Please guide me which car is to be purchased

  • Sushil

    For 1400km not sure if you really need a diesel. The 3 you have listed are all popular cars. Do test drive them and pick the one you are finding most comfortable to drive – seating position wise. I believe all 3 will have fairly high seating as compared to sedans.

  • nandakumar

    now the tata has grown up to new vista. It is a good car by looks and spacious too. Good for the driver and for the passengers. The exterior is enhanced by new design and ornaments. It is worth buying this car.

  • Anirban

    I’m looing for a cheapest diesel hatchback car (except TATA Indica), I need only AC & Power Steering.

  • Hi,

    I’m totally confused abt buying a diesel car, will drive around 1400 km per month, my current requirements, will park outside my home for few months, so looking for high ground clearance as rain water floods in my area, my budget is 6 lakh, looking for hatchback, but jazz, bolero, kindles my wish for crossover slightly big cars not hatch and not MUV, I even considered buying 2nd hand Ford Fusion for high ground clearance, what is your suggestion on getting a fusion + diesel, do you have any other suggestions, mostly I will drive around myself, occasionally will have 3 more people.

    Santhosh R.

  • Sushil

    Hi Santosh – for 1400 per month diesel maynot be required. However for higher ground clearance and the UV type vehicle – for around 6L you should be able to find used Boleros – you may be better off spending some time to look around and find something you like. I believe this would be the best bet.
    The fusion may have costly spares and well maintained used ones may not be easy to find.

  • hiralal

    dear sushil i want to buy a car i like dzire or i20 but i prefer diesel any other car within range of 5-5.5 lac ple suggest thanks

  • Daya

    Include Polo 1.2 TDI, update Fabia to 1.2 TDI and new features and republish it.

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