June 2009
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I20's Jazz-Fusion Getz Fabialous & U/VA's Swift move to Ritzy Vistas!


After the Honda Jazz release on June 10th, I updated my Super Hatch (Petrol) Comparison chart. I will do a Diesel sheet soon.

While doing the updates I realized if the Jazz can touch 8 lakhs+ on road and still be in the sheet – then it was inexcusable on my part to omit the Ford Fusion which I had earlier left out because I was wanting to keep the list under 7 lakhs. It is a bit of a misfit since it has a 1.6L engine while the others are 1.3L at most.

Here is the data sheet for you to draw your own conclusions: Super Hatch Comparison Chart.

My Thoughts: Overall the Hyundai I20 seems to be spacious and feature loaded at a decent price when compared to the Fabia and the Jazz. It tops in safety features as well. Compared to the Jazz, now even the Fabia seems like a value for money car !

PS: Hope the post title made some sense :-).  Have a Happy Weekend !

12 comments to I20's Jazz-Fusion Getz Fabialous & U/VA's Swift move to Ritzy Vistas!

  • Absolutely thoughtful title and very comprehensive comparison.Even I prefer I20 over other car eventhough it is bit underpowered.Then Swift,Fabia,U-VA,Vista,Fusion,Ritz,Jazz will be my choice.

  • Sushil

    Thanks George. Hope Hyundai adds a more powerful diesel engine to the I20. Then it can truly say “I got it all”. :-). I did what I could to make all the names show up in the title …and managed to accumulate some additional grey hair doing it !

  • fas

    Haha, I was confused about the title. Nice comparission once again. The i20 seems to winning all the way not thanks to Hyundai, but thanks to other car makers.

  • Sushil

    Fas – Funny you should say so – but it really seems like it. In isolation the I20 seems over priced – but when compared with the Jazz and Fabia it seems like a good deal.

  • Rohit

    Great spreadsheet – thanks! From knowing nothing about which car to buy, I now have a reasonable grip on the various available options. Can you also add a row on whether each car has an option for “Automatic Transmission”? For some people, me included, this can be a deal breaker.

  • Sushil

    Hi Rohit – none of the cars in my list are automatics or come in the Auto transmission as of now. Your best automatic option for a Hatchback would be the I10 automatic for now.

  • Sasikiran

    Hey Sushil,

    Great Charts! Good info!
    I am looking for buying a hatchback and need 2 suggestions: whether its good to buy a petrol variant or diesel variant? I do not have much cost constraint, and my priority would be go out on long weekends and outings rather than daily usage. I have shortlistd Hyundai I 20 and Ford Fusion. Please let me know if they meet my criteria or sugest something else.


  • Sushil

    Thanks. If your usage is low then you should look at a petrol instead of a diesel. However if you can make use of the car more often and want to do longer drivers you should get a diesel. The Fusion diesel engine is proven however the vehicle looks old and outdated when compared to the new ones. It has a lot of space and is pretty verstile and has a decent ride as well. The I20 will get full marks for safety features and for being new and having good look. It may not be very easy on your wallet since only the petrol is sold. You may want to wait and check the prcing of the diesel I20 to decide.

  • i am looking for a good diesel hatch back , my budget is 4.5 lakh only. please suggest

  • ragu

    Ritz comes with a new refreshed design which is completely new to India. the car is a great blend of technology and design.I drove Ritz thrice before finalising it. Engine is super smooth. Pick up is good. Driving this car is a pleasure. compared with other car in its segment ritz is a great choice

  • ruchi

    I am not able to view the comparison sheet. A page not found message is shown.

    Please provide the link or email the sheet to me.

    I have an Alto and am planning to sell it and buy an i20 Asta Petrol? My usage is only 200 kms per week.. Any suggestions?

  • admin

    Hi Ruchi – I have fixed the issue with the link – sorry about that. I need to update the copmparison chart soon. The I20 Petrol should be a good buy for you since your mileage per week is not large to justify a diesel. Also check out the competition of new hatches just released like the Polo, Punto etc.

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