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Are you looking for a Diesel Hatchback ?


If you are looking for a Diesel Hatchback and need an easy reference comparison sheet for all the new vehicle models available in India – you have come to the right post. If you have reached here in error and Petrol Hatchbacks are what you want take a look at Petrol Super Hatchbacks Comparison.

The vehicles I have compiled the technical specifications and key features for include the Ford Fusion Plus TDCi, Skoda Fabia TDI Elegance, Hyundai Getz Prime CDRI GVS, Maruti Suzuki Swift VDI ABS, Maruti Suzuki Ritz VDI ABS, Tata Indica Vista Aura Quadrajet, Fiat Palio Stile Multijet SDX and the long running Tata Indica V2 DLS. The maximum price of the vehicles I have listed is under 9 Lakhs (on road). Frankly – if you are spending more than 6.5 lakhs for a hatchback – you better have some really good reasons not to go in for a sedan.

Indian Diesel Hatchback Trivia:
Shortest:Tata Indica V2 DLS
Longest Hatchback & Longest Wheel Base: Ford Fusion Plus
Widest: Ford Fusion Plus
Largest Fuel Tank:Fiat Palio Stile
Tallest:Maruti Suzuki Ritz VDI
Most Fuel Efficient:Maruti Suzuki Ritz VDI/ Runner Up: Maruti Suzuki Swift VDI
Most Powerful Engine, Highest Top Speed and Fastest in 0-100 time:Hyundai Getz Prime CRDI
Smallest Turning Radius:Maruti Suzuki Swift & Ritz
Lightest Weight:Tata Indica V2

**Best Ground Clearance: Ford Fusion Plus (The number needs to be checked – I got it from the Ford website – but it puts offroaders to shame)

Here is the data sheet: Diesel Hatchbacks Comparison to help you choose the car for you. If you need help deciding or have questions please feel free to ask through the comments or through the contact form.

PS: Please let me know if you have any additional data that can be added to the sheet to improve it.

Updated: June 18th to add details of the Fiat Grande Punto to the comparison.

21 comments to Are you looking for a Diesel Hatchback ?

  • Atty

    I am plg to buy a diesel hatchback very soon. My city driving is approx 500 km a month and a trip of approx 1000 km in say three months (highway). My family is four (all adults and need lotsa boot space. My present car is Fiat Uno Diesel (AC). We are looking for an upgrade in space and features. We are Pune based. My wife drives a lot and we need something for easy driving and parking. Fuel efficiency and cost of spares is an important issue. We are presently looking at Ford Fusion Plus Diesel and Fiat Grande Punto Diesel Emotion Pack. Please advice with details. Purchase will be at Pune. Awaiting your early reply

  • Sushil

    Hi Atty. Sorry for the delay in replying – been really busy at work past few days. The only negative for the Fusion is that it is looking old now – other than that it is a good car. Sales/service experience will be good, the car has enough space and decent enough features. Get the one with ABS if your budget allows.
    The Grande Punto again is a good car but seems to not offer much of thrill by way of driving response – and service experience may be iffy. However if you have buddies at Fiat service and are comfortable with them go in for the Grande Punto. Do TD both and especially have your wife also TD both.

  • Edmund Abreo

    Hi Atty,
    I just took a test drive of i20 Diesel and the Ritz diesel. I was highly impressed by the performance of the i20 Diesel. The engine response was really good, it did not feel like i was driving a diesel. After the i20 I drove the Ritz diesel and was highly disappoined with the engine response. I would suggest you also test drive the i20 diesel before taking a decision.

  • Sushil

    Hi Edmund. You have to remember the I20 is more powerful and has more torque and is also costlier. The Ritz was never meant to be a performance car and is tuned for linear power delivery and better mileage. I felt its response was good enough provided you are in the right gear and have the RPM over 1750.

  • Edmund

    Hi Sushil,
    I was just suggesting to Atty to have a look at the i20 since he already had Fusion + as one of the shortlisted options. I did a comparison and the Asta version of i20 and Fusion + diesel are almost in the same price range. The i20 certainly has more safety features along with certain other features not available with Fusion +. However I am still not able to let go of my thought to own a Fusion + diesel. I heard some murmur on some websites about Ford planning to phase out Fusion, donn’t know how true it is. When comparing an i20 diesel to Fusion + diesel. What is your opinion? I mean in terms of engine performance, after sales support, spares availability, Indian roads(specially Bangalore roads) handling, overall vehicle performance, etc.

  • Sushil

    It is a good suggestion but I felt by way of power the I20 diesel is more powerful.
    The Fusion diesel phase out has not been officially announced and will only be done when they get a replacement vehicle ready for launch.
    Performance: should be comparable to the Fiesta diesel (same engine) may be even slightly better
    ASS: Ford service is usually decent enough
    Spares: May be an issue since it was never a high volume seller. Also parts may be costlier compared to Maruti & Hyundai.
    Roads/Handling: Not a performance vehicle if you ask me but decent in all other aspects. Decent ground clearance and easy to drive with good visibility for traffic. Decent space inside as well
    Overall: Good vehicle – only drawbacks are lack of features for the price, looks very dated and plain.
    Only potential replacement heard about was a vehicle that seemed smaller than the Fusion. If you like it very much -only then go for it – else go in for soemthing which is a new launch with more features for the price.

  • shanmuk naik

    iam planning for I20 diesel just on the basis of hyundai company creditenials. please advice

  • admin

    Its a good car Shanmuk – only drawback is it is costlier than the Maruti diesels. If you like it go for it.

  • Dr SS Goyal

    I am planning to buy a diesel car in next few weeks and my budget is 6 lac. Which car i should buy for city riding comfort, better milage and low ownership costs. i have seen swift dezire and Volkswagon Polo and Hyundai i20 which one i should buy. Please guide. I am based at Ludhiana.

  • prasad

    hi guys, i’m plannin to buy i20 1.4 crdi.. asta … pls, can any1 giv more info bout dat car.. and tel me ur using experience.. mileage?

  • ajay

    I m planning to buy diesel hatchback. What is the feedback of Figo Diesel? I heard that the parts are very costly. Hould i buy the Figo? As compared with other hatch backs i found that costwise and goodies offerd by Figo are just fine.
    Kindy advise

  • admin

    Hi Ajay – The Figo diesel is aimed at being a value for money package and has all the required features at its price. Ford has been working on reducing parts costs but they would still be a bit costlier than Maruti or Hyundai or Tata. Performance is decent and mileage will be decent. For fun to drive I think the Swift D would be the first.

  • Hi Sushil,

    Iam planning to buy a diesel hatch back. I have shortlisted Swift diesel and i 20 diesel. Please advice as to which one is better in terms of handling and ride quality.


  • ish

    Hi I am confused in 2 cars which one i should buy i20 diesel or manzaa diesel or indigo e cs diesel version both are different segments one is hatchback and the other one is Sedaan

  • Sushil

    Please provide more details of what your requirements of a vehicle are and can try to help.

  • Swami

    Can you please provide a consolidated chart of the city and highway mileage of all the Diesel Hatchbacks. It would be handy not while shopping for cars.

  • Uma

    I am planning to buy a hatchback diesel car, this is my firs car. My budget is max 6, and choices are, ford figo, maruti ritz and i20. can you suggest me a good milege car, and spare parts also be reasonable,

  • Deejay

    my annual run is around 10,000 kms.would you suggest diesel vehicle.
    i tested vista quadrajet and punto multijet.

    need to know about vista as it is cost effective.

    pls advice.

  • Sushil

    hi Dijeeshv – for annual 10K driving you may find a lot of options in petrol as I dont think it is needed. Fiat quality seems to be worse than Tata so best of luck. Do consider other options as well before buying.

  • Sushil

    Hi Swami
    – I dont have anything ready for this but will attempt this sometime soon.

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