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JK Tyre Tops JD Power Customer Satisfaction Study

The J.D. Power Asia Pacific 2009 India Original Equipment (OE) Tire Customer Satisfaction Index (TCSI) StudySM  ranks JK Tyre the highest with a score of 811 out of 1000. MRF closely follows at 804. These two are the only companies with scores higher than the Industry average of 798.

The 2009 Original Equipment Tire Customer Satisfaction Index Study is based on responses from 3,363 new vehicle owners surveyed between 12 and 18 months of ownership. The study was fielded between May and August 2008.

OE Tire Customer Satisfaction Index

OE Tire Customer Satisfaction Index

JD Power Study Findings:

  • The percentage of customers reporting a problem with their original tires has increased from 19 percent in 2008 to 22 percent in 2009.
  • JK Tyre posts the greatest improvement since 2008 among the brands included in the study across all parameters.
  • A notable shift in customer tire maintenance behavior in 2009, compared with 2008 –  increase in the proportion of customers using organized service providers—such as selling dealerships and tire manufacturer stores—rather than roadside tire servicing workshops.
  • Customer satisfaction with original equipment tires has a strong impact on brand loyalty and advocacy for replacement tires. Customers who are highly satisfied (with satisfaction levels averaging above 884) are twice as likely to recommend or repurchase their current tire brand when buying replacement tires, compared with customers who are less satisfied.

Sushil’s thoughts:

  • One has to take these satisfaction numbers with a whole lot of salt and pepper and chillie powder – just 3,363 new vehicle owners were surveyed. Last year in 2008 March to 2009 March Maruti alone sold over 7,00,000 vehicles, and Hyundai and Tata did around 2,00,000 each. This is a very tiny sample of the number of vehicles sold last year. Not anywhere near enough coverage. I would love to find out what the distribution of the above manufacturers vehicles were in the total sample.
  • Is it possible the numbers for JK Tyre have had a positive  impact due to being the OE tires for Maruti Cars ?
  • Is the quality reducing if more people are finding issues ? 19% increasing to 22% ? Not Good !
  • The part about satisfaction determining repeat business –  is it true ? Or just out of laziness/lack of information on the part of the customer ? It is easier to stick to the same brand than more to another ?
  • Few customers actually look into understanding their vehicles tyre specifications and think if  the OE tyres are safe/adequate in the first place. For example the stock Maruti Swift VDI/VXI/LXI trim levels come with 165 wide tyres. These may be adequate for sedate driving in the city but the moment you get onto highways and at higher speeds  it looses grip. However just a few owners of the Swifts have gone in for aftermarket upgrades of the tires.
  • I have to agree with going in for more organized outfits becoming more popular for the maintenance of the tires- this has to be an offshoot of more people going in for new vehicles and sticking to the recommended service intervals and service guidelines. 
  • I have also seen highly educated people with enough money to spare running their vehicles on bald treadless tires just to eke out a few more miles before replacing their tires.   
  • In an emergency the roadside puncturewallah is still sought after. Unless of course you have tubeless tires or have Nitrogen filled tires in which case the fancier repair dudes are required.

Source:  Published by J.D. Power Asia Pacific as part of the J.D. Power Asia Pacific 2009 India Original Tire Customer Satisfaction Index Study.

Updated : May 5th: AThandapani via Twitter brought up a very valid point that the 18 month duration used in the study doesnt make sense since issues rarely happen with tires in the first 18 months. Unless of course you  have a puncture. Routine issues are rare.

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6 comments to JK Tyre Tops JD Power Customer Satisfaction Study

  • Very good observations from Sushil and very valid update by Mr.A Thandapani.This is one of the typical issues in statistics and probability.Also this case shows how theory doesn’t look true when comparing the pratical experience.

  • Sushil

    Thanks George . Its all fine with the theory like you said – reality is very very different. Do the people doing the research at JD Power India actually own cars ? :-). That would have made them think for a bit before they did the survey 😉

  • I am quite suprised that JK is doing so well. Maybe because its OE with many manufacturers.

  • You are right in stating that sample size is very small and coming to conclusions in difficult with small sample siez.

  • What about Michelin? They are the best tires I have ever driven on :))

  • Sushil

    Thanks Adhesh & Ajith. Maybe Michelin is not an OE tire for any brand ? Any idea if it is ?

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