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Tata Xenon Copy Editing Fail

I went to the Tata Xenon Site today after seeing an ad on one of the automotive websites I frequent. I was just telling someone that the Xenon would be a hell of a sight with a roll bar, wide tires and whole bank of heavy duty rally type lamps on the roof and of course a high lift kit – just the thing scare a lot of cabbies/autos/bikers out of the way :-).  However looking at the site I may have to revise my opinion of the vehicle of being an “All Terrain  Conqueror” – the copy makes me think it is not a conqueror but a conquest. Click on the image to see the “fail”.

Tata Xenon Copy Editing Fail

Tata Xenon Copy Editing Fail


Dear Tata Motors,

       I tried to contact you with this but this resulted in another page that didnt work – another “fail”. Here is a screenshot of my attempt (I blanked out my email). FYI – The submit button doesnt show up on your site. Finally I still filled out a lot of info I didnt want to and then submitted. Hope someone reads it. Click on the image to see a larger version.

Tata Xenon Fail 2

Tata Xenon Fail 2




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7 comments to Tata Xenon Copy Editing Fail

  • Looks like Tata is concentrating more on their other site, the Tata Nano site.

  • It may be so – but the Nano site had issues as well :-).

  • TataIndiaXenon

    Thanx Sushil for pointing out these issues. We will fix them soon ASAP. If you wish to know anything on Xenon, you can get in touch with me… Once again thanx for your time and effort!

  • Sushil

    Thanks TataIndiaXenon for your reply. Am impressed to see the site has been updated as you promised !

  • Unfortunate..I remember Fiat’s contact form not working when I tried contacting its CEO once

  • Is the comment from the Tata Xenon guys genuine? Who would use a gmail address for official feedback? It would actually be nice if the mail-id genuinely belongs to the Tata Xenon team. Till then, just hope that the site is updated as per your suggestions

  • Sushil

    Hi Vinay – yes the email ID seems genuine since the site was corrected as they mentioned. Am sure its someone with access to the site – just using a non work ID :-). Like the rest of us 🙂

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